Our Sets


Country Kubb uses local hardwoods from the heart of Ohio farm country and the seasoned quality of Amish woodworkers to craft our final products. We hand stain our product with a spar weather-proof oil for heavy outdoor use and apply a white water finish to add protection to our finished product. Our sets are designed to USA Kubb Championship sizing requirements, incase things get serious out there.

The wood used in our finished products is Poplar. After testing several other hardwoods we chose Poplar for several reasons: it is very light allowing it be easily carried to any occasion in our tote bags, less dangerous while playing an actual game, is still very durable. 

NOTE: While playing Kubb you are throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. Dings and dents will start to show on your game pieces the more you play. We like to think of them as battle scars. Wood is not a perfect material. Every game will have slightly different shades and patterns. If you want boring and perfect buy something plastic.


The Setup


Spilt into 2 teams, you take turns throwing at each others game pieces, trying to knock them down. In the middle of the play area is the King. The King is the last piece knocked down and wins the game.

Kubb can be enjoyed be all ages, in just about any climate. Grass, sand, or snow. Summer or Winter. Grab some friends and #JoinTheKubb!