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country kubb

a tale of vikings


kubb the viking game

  • Kubb is an ancient Nordic game rumored to be played by Vikings thousands of years ago. Kubb can be enjoyed by all ages and is often played in grass, sand, or snow. Here at Country Kubb, every set is handmade in a dusty shop located on an unmarked countryside back road by skilled Amish woodworkers, lending further mystique to this game’s already legendary lineage.
  • Played by 2-12 people using wooden batons that are thrown at wooden blocks (called Kubbs) with each team taking turns trying to knock them down. In the center, is the Kubb King, which is the last piece knocked down to win the game.
  • Kubb can be enjoyed by all ages and is great for large parties as you can play with up to 12 people.  Perfect for tailgating, barn-raisings, beach days, snow days, BBQ's, and weddings. We also make tournament sized Kubb sets in case things get serious out there.


how to play kubb

not your average lawn game



We strive to educate and make your next backyard event or beach day not as boring by getting a Kubb set into your hands. You can see and feel the quality of our games while playing and they will last for years of fun. The great thing about Kubb is that you can get everyone involved at your event with up to twelve people people being able to play at once. We currently offer two set types; our classic and our tournament styles. Read below for more info.


  • One King
  • Six throwing Batons
  • Ten wooden blocks (called Kubbs)
  • Six boundary markers
  • A canvas tote bag
  • A complete rule sheet

whats the difference

tournament vs. classic


who were are

  • We are proud sponsors of the US National Kubb Championship, the Ohio Kubb Championship, and the East Coast Kubb Championship. We provide Kubb sets to several Kubb clubs and school groups nationwide. We also partner with the NYC parks department to provide Kubb in their parks.
  • Based out of an Amish furniture shop in rural Ohio, Country Kubb got its start out of necessity. We wanted high quality Kubb sets crafted by seasoned skill, and have since emerged as one of the premier Kubb set makers in the US. We source local hardwoods from the heart of Ohio farm country. Amish woodworkers harvest, dry, cut, shape, sand & seal all our games pieces. We are a Made in America company and we are proud of it.
  • Play and drink like a Viking! But remember, always battle responsibly.


a look inside

an american workshop


events and

kubb tournaments


Need something to do this weekend? How about a Kubb Krawl or playing Kubb on Lake Michigan? There are over 100 Kubb tournaments in the USA & internationally every year. Don't see a tournament or thinking about hosting one yourself? Let us know and ask about our sponsorship program.