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Based out of an Amish furniture shop in rural Ohio, Country Kubb got its start out of necessity. We wanted high quality lawn games crafted by seasoned skill, and have since emerged as one of the premier lawn game makers in the US. The company as a whole is a story of expanding and understanding your local roots. From neighbors, farmers, and woodworkers, to small hidden shops without electricity, to the back of a pickup, to the simplistic and untouched crafting skill of the Amish, to a finished product in a dusty old barn. All that good stuff good stuff helps create our Kubb sets.

Locally Grown & Made in Ohio, USA

We source local hardwoods from the heart of Ohio farm country. Amish woodworkers harvest, dry, cut, shape, sand & seal all our games pieces. The wood used in our finished products is Poplar. Poplar is very light allowing it be easily carried to any occasion in our tote bags but still very durable. 

Fine Woodworking, No Funny Business

We like to remind our customers while playing Kubb you are throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. Dings and dents will start to show on your game pieces the more you play. We like to think of them as battle scars. Wood is not a perfect material. Every game will have slightly different shades and patterns. If you want boring and perfect buy something plastic.

Join the Kubb Community!

We are proud sponsors of the US National Kubb Championship, the Ohio Kubb Championship, and the East Coast Kubb Championship. We also have several sponsorship programs including; the NYC Parks Department to provide Kubb in their parks, and we help several high schools around the country to provide Kubb sets for physical education classes.

Please reach out if interested in partnering with us!

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