Tournament Kubb Set

Tournament Kubb Set


Things'll get serious out there...

Kubb is rumored to be played by Vikings thousands of years ago. As far as outdoor lawn games go, Kubb is incredibly fun and challenging, and can be enjoyed be all ages, in just about any climate. Grass, sand, or snow. Summer or Winter. Grab some friends and #getoutside. 

Here at Country Kubb, every set is handmade and hand-painted in a dusty old barn located on an unmarked countryside backroad by skilled Amish woodworkers, lending further mystique to this game’s already legendary lineage.

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Product Info

  • The wood used in our finished products is Poplar.

  • Each set is crafted by the seasoned quality of Amish woodworkers.

  • Our Tournament sets use US National Kubb sizing to make our games official in case things get serious.

In your box:

  • 1 King : 10.5in x 3.5in x 3.5in

  • 10 Kubbs : 6in x 2.75in x 2.75in

  • 6 Batons : 12 in x 1.75in diameter

  • 6 Boundary Stakes

  • 1 Rule Sheet

  • 1 Canvas Tote to carry game


  • Shipping is based on a flat rate fee using FedEx & UPS Ground.

  • Tracking number will be provided with each order.

  • New sets will be ready to ship out in 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: While playing Kubb you are throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. Dings and dents will start to show on your game pieces the more you play. We like to think of them as battle scars. Wood is not a perfect material. Every game will have slightly different shades and patterns. If you want boring and perfect buy something plastic.

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